Plasma Enhanced CVD
Flat Panel Display - Factory Automation
Solar Cell Manufacturing
Wafer Processing - Epitaxy
LED Product Development


Our mission is to support the growth of high technology manufacturing jobs in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.  We will accomplish our mission by leveraging our members’ greater than 30 year average high technology manufacturing experience while providing a broad range of consulting services to technology-based companies to assist them in growing their revenues.

Our members are experts in the fields of capital equipment, materials, technology transfer & commercialization, business development & marketing, security & counterfeit detection, and education & workforce development across a variety of high technology industries, including semiconductors, photovoltaics, light emitting diodes, and flat panel displays.

Our members’ services are provided both on a fee basis and pro bono depending on the client’s current circumstances.  Members are also available to provide mentoring to new entrepreneurs and students looking to enter the high technology workforce with a better understanding of expectations and opportunities.

While our primary focus is Silicon Valley, our members reside in most of the high technology centers of the U.S. and are capable of supporting international clients.